Workshop & Scholarship Ceremony at Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, 2015

To share practical knowledge with the students, on Wednesday morning 12 February 2015 at B11 hall of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, Cty TNHH Ta Ha has organized the Workshop named “Application of dehumidification technology in commerce and industry” and the Scholarship Ceremony “Overcoming Difficulty and Learning Well 2015” for the students of CK11NH, CK12NH, CK13NH.

The Workshop and Ceremony honorably to have the Department of Heat and Refrigeration Engineering – Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology with the participation of Prof. – D.Sc. Lê Chí Hiệp – Head of Department; D.Sc. Hà Anh Tùng – Deputy Head of Department; M.E. Hoang Thi Nam Huong, M.E. Nguyen Thi Minh Trinh – lnstructor and students attend.

From Cty TNHH Ta Ha, which attending by Director Mr. Bui Huu Tai and management board and some staff in the company.

At the conference, the company has introduced to the students the principles of desiccant rotor and heat pump combined with dehumidifier system to achieve the requirements of production, as well as solutions to improve energy efficiency and extend lifetime of the desiccant dehumidifier.

During this event, Cty TNHH Ta Ha engineers have discussed with the students some technical and economic issues with applications for dehumidification technology as well as share experiences and skills of working environment.

After ending the conference, the scholarship ceremony has been coming next, Director Bui Huu Tai has congratulated and awarded scholarships to students with good academic performance to overcome disadvantage. Mr. Tai said: “Throughout this program, Ta Ha would like to support and encourage good study students over tough circumstance, as well as a tribute to the instructors in the department. And this event shall be also one of the annual activities that the company wants to contribute towards development of national human resources in the future”.

On behalf of the students received scholarships, stud. Nguyen Anh Tien was very grateful and honourable to receive the awards from Cty TNHH Ta Ha, and promise of trying to study well to deserve the scholarchip from the department and the sponsor..

To end the workshop and ceremony, Prof. – D.Sc. Lê Chí Hiệp “Thank you very much – the company has brought useful knowledge as well as a new orientation for the students”.

Cty TNHH Ta Ha

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