Consultancy & Design

Humidity control solution

As a consultant on moisture treatment in Vietnam, we consider the design of the entire temperature and humidity processing system where humidity and temperature adjustment are needed to ensure manufacturing processes, storages and experiments, etc. We bring the best quality of equipment, design systems and construction supervision management. In addition, we are encouraged to apply new technologies and optimal solutions in humidity process.

The software using for consultancy & design:

  • HiPaIDM : The calculation & selection software of Heat Recovery Wheel – Seibu Giken
  • DST-Sorp : The calculation & selection software of Dehumidifier – DST
  • Cal Bry-air : The calculation & selection software of Dehumidifier – Bry-air.
  • Munters DryCap: Moisture load calculation software – Munters.
  • Carrier E-CAT Programs: Heat load calculation software – Carrier
  • Trace 700 Program: Heat load calculation software – Trane.
  • HoBo Logger – Software parameters measured temperature and humidity over time.

The standards below for design activity:

  • TCVN : VietNam National Standards
  • WHO/GMP : World Health Organization / Good manufacturing practice
  • ASHRAE : American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers
  • IEC : International Electrotechnical Commission
  • SMACNA : Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors National Association

Water – Air balancing solution in HVAC system

Energy Saving of Cooling-Dehumidifier vs Over-Cooling System

Cooling-dehumidifier combine system does not need to be too cool to a low temperature. As a result, it shall save energy cost from 30 to 40% to compare with over-cooling systems as the psychometric chart below.

Application of Cooling – Dehumidifier system:

  • Makeup fresh air
  • Using energy efficiency
  • Low-cost duct work
  • Low running cost 30 ~ 40%
  • Avoid cooling & reheating
  • Reliable and independent temperature & humidity control