Drying Mushroom

mushroomWe have recently succeeded in researching and fabricating mushroom drying system with a capacity up to 400kg of dried mushrooms within 8 hours for Dona Co., Ltd, specializing in exporting mushrooms to Taiwan and the United States.

Dona Company has used the traditional drying method requiring 500 square meters to dry 400 kilogram mushroom within eight hours under a good sunlight condition.

Although  this  method  does  not  spend  fuel  or  electric  power,  it  requires  a  huge  area and  depends  a  lot  on  the  weather  and  man  power.  In  addition,  Vietnam  is  a  tropical country  which  is  hot,  humid  and  rainy  during  a  year,  causes  unstable  productiveness, especially  in  rainy  season.  As  a  result,  does  not  meet  customers’  quantity  and  quality product requirements, and effects badly on the enterprise’s good reputation and turnover.

Accordingly,  we  cooperate  with  the  enterprise  to  find  out  the  best  solution  to economize both productivity and the investment cost.

After  a  period  of  research  and  experimentation,  we  have  succeeded  in  designing  a mushroom drying system which requires a room with an area of 30m2 and 4 meter height 15  times  smaller  than  the  required  area  as  we  use  the  traditional  method,  can  reach  a capacity up to 400kg of dried mushrooms within 8 hours and does not depend on high or low humidity, sunshine or rain.

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Some pictures of new mushroom drying system

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