Cooling Pad

Cooling pad ventilation system is a kind of factory ventilation through the combination of wet curtain (cooling pad) and blower fan. The fans exhaust hot, high humid and stale air inside the factory. At the same time, because of the different of pressure between the inside and outside, it makes the outside air go through the cooling pads installed on the other side, while the air passes through the cooling pads, the water will absorb heat in the air. Therefore, the cool air will enter into the room and makes the room’s temperature drop off around 5 – 10°C immediately.

This system often applies to all kinds of cooling and ventilation purpose, for instance: textile and shoe industry, food processing, electronics, livestock and poultry farm, greenhouse, etc.

By using the cooling pad, we get less investment but better performance, low electricity consumption, high capacity, easy installation and convenient cleaning.

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